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RV Air Conditioning on a Small Generator

We all know how miserable it can be during the summer if you are boondocking or dry-camping somewhere and are not able to run the A/C. Or, how about you have a 50amp camper with two air conditioners but are on a 30amp pole and can only run one at a time without tripping the breaker? Well, you can make it happen! Our 5th wheel has a 13,500btu Dometic A/C on the front...

Top 10 RV Essentials

These top 10 RV essentials are what you need to make your RV travel adventures a success. Every item on here we currently use or have used. Many of them have been replacements for when we thought we were getting a “deal” on something less expensive. We launched as a full-time RV living family back in July of 2018 and I work in IT, so there will be another...

RV Travel And Crazy Weather

One aspect of this gypsy life that we didn’t consider until it snuck up and bit us, was how crazy the weather can be. We have had bad weather living in North Carolina, but nothing like we have experienced while being on the road, especially in a camper. Toronto – Our First Wind Storm While we were up in Toronto, we experienced 60 mph winds that took down trees...