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First Camping Trip EVER

Deep Creek Tubing and Campground Bryson City, NC July 14th- 16th


Our first camping trip was a week after bringing home the camper. In the weeks leading up to our first trip, we had bought everything we thought we would need for the inside and outside. We lacked experience with not only unhooking and setting up a camper at a site, but camping in general. Since this was our first trip, we decided to leave early enough so that we could unhook in daylight. This did not happen. Between rush hour traffic, no cell service, and bad directions, we made it at dusk, giving us little time and made us rush. At one moment, we were stuck in a trailer park on the side of a mountain. We literally back up in someone’s yard and hauled ass out of there. We also had an issue with the refrigerator switching from electric to propane, meaning we lost a significant amount of food. So here we are, with a new camper, at a campground site we have never been to, and no food. Any plan we had about unhooking in the daylight went out the window. Our neighbor and veteran camper, Tom, gave us one bit of advice. Once you unhook the trailer from the truck, before doing anything else, have a drink. Relax. Remember why you are there. He told us time and time, that we would argue, things would go wrong, and boy was he right!  After having said drink, we started to hook up the electric, sewer, water, moving the slide out… when we realized that our water hose was 2 ft too short. It’s dark, the kids are tired and hungry, and the camp store is closed for the night. My thoughts were “why do people do this for fun?” At that moment, I was pretty sure we made the worst decision of our life by buying a camper. Joseph, who is the level headed, calm person in our relationship decided to not let this moment (or any other moment thus far) define our trip or first experience. He went off into the darkness to make friends and find a water hose. This amazing man came back after a few minutes with a hose from our neighbor, who had the exact same thing happen to him when he arrived. And this wasn’t his first time camping! The rest of our trip at Deep Creek Campground was amazing. The weather was beautiful. We went tubing down the creek with the girls numerous times, fed goats, and wandered around the little town. The girls godparents met us up there for the Wizard of Oz train through the Smoky Mountains on Sunday. By late Sunday afternoon, we were packing up and headed home. Everything went smoothly packing up and leaving the campground. However, as we were turning right onto the main road of the town, we didn’t swing far enough and almost took out an electric post. Crisis averted because of teamwork. We learned a lot on our first trip and it made us fall in love with camping.

Things learned: Have a system while unhooking and setting up… this take time and practice. Don’t unhook the truck until you know everything can reach. Don’t trust the fridge. Swing wide.



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