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A once in a lifetime trek throughout the states as we search for deeper relationships, spontaneity, and adventure!

About Us

We are naturally nomadic, moving every couple of years, and it’s taken me until recently to come to terms with this. I have felt like we needed to grow roots in one place and call it home until we died. After a few years, we get that urge, and we are feeling very restless! Instead of moving our family and selling our house, we have decided to take a different route. This journey has been an idea for quite a few months, but a dream of ours for a lifetime. We are going to travel around the United States for a year in our camper, sell most of our belongings, rent out our house, and homeschool our children. Crazy, right? Yeah, we are. Exciting, right? Yes, it is! This gives our children the opportunity to learn from experience and travel, plus we can check many things off of our bucket list. Our first handful of trips have been exciting, new, and adventurous, but what happens when the honeymoon phase is over?

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Where have we been?

Top 10 RV Essentials

These top 10 RV essentials are what you need to make your RV travel adventures a success. Every item on here we currently use or have used. Many of them have been replacements for when we thought we were getting a “deal” on something less expensive. We launched as a full-time...

Happy Nomadiversary!

July 10th marks one year since we moved into our camper to travel the country. It’s amazing to think how quickly this year has gone by, how much we have seen, and all the memories that we have made. Although at the moment we are parked in our driveway awaiting next Tuesday when we...

Getting Cozy with Cacti

March 22-23, 2019 It’s been an item on my bucket list for as long as I can remember… to see a large cactus, otherwise known as the Saguaro Cactus. As we pulled into Tucson, we saw a few here and there, but it wasn’t until we were driving up the mountain side to the NP West, that we could...

RV Travel And Crazy Weather

One aspect of this gypsy life that we didn’t consider until it snuck up and bit us, was how crazy the weather can be. We have had bad weather living in North Carolina, but nothing like we have experienced while being on the road, especially in a camper. Toronto – Our First Wind...

Happy 2019!

The last part of 2018 flew by but rewarded us with memories that will last a lifetime. It was in April of 2018 that we decided to at least try for full time living and traveling. We weren’t sure if it was even a possibility between work, our home, and school. If we failed, then at least...

Where Have We Been?